The Route One Interview: Elliot Sloan

The Route One Interview Elliot Sloan

In association with Triple 8 pads (an absolute must when you're skating gaps the size of houses like our Elliot) we sat down with the NYC born ripper, determined to find out more about his first forays into skateboarding, what it means to win a gold medal and, most of all, chat sycophantically about his truly mind-blowing Thrasher part last year!

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World of X Games: Being – Danny Way

World of X Games Being - Danny Way

His childhood marred by difficult circumstances, Danny Way was already skating with the likes of Tony Hawk and Kevin Staab as a child. He rose quickly within the scene and dropped video after video that pushed the boundaries and progressed the sport.

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Battletalk: Week 9 – with Mike Mo and Chris Roberts

Battletalk Week 9 – with Mike Mo and Chris Roberts

The ninth BATB X weekend featured Morgan Smith vs. Will Fyock and Chris Cole vs. Nick Tucker. Letters were flying fast and loose; Mike Mo and Chris Ro(berts) caught those letters, formed a bunch of words, and turned out the latest episode of “Battletalk,” the official postmortem of BATB X. New episodes air every Tuesday.

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