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Other Clip: Villager Goods – California Roadtrip

Other Clip: Villager Goods - California Roadtrip

Villager Goods Founder / CEO, Josh Landan and fellow owners had the idea to take the brand on a road trip up the California coast dropping in on local skate parks to share coconut water with people in local communities. It's not often you get the most influential street skaters of all-time to jump in a van to bringing a healthy beverage to people at local skate parks from San Diego to Santa Barbara. In this new film, the owners hit six skate parks, partook in [...]

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Other Clip: BATB X – Mike Mo’s Referee Training

Other Clip: BATB X - Mike Mo's Referee Training

What makes a good ref? You need to be disciplined and you need to get used to making those tough calls. We don't need no fancy pants thumb twiddlers making calls willy nilly; you got to stick to your guns. If you've got it in your head that you'd like to wear the stripes, Mike Mo will toughen you up real fast.

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