10 Years of Berrics

10 Years of Berrics: Buttery Mondays – Butteryass Trick Tips

The Butteryass revolution wasn’t started with a single grape soda across the bow, rather it was cases upon cases of grape sodas drunk over many Mondays. Donovan Strain (aka Butteryass Donovan) developed his Butteryass Mondays series as a form of how-to videos, but from a hustler’s point of view. His observations were hilarious and true; each week, Donovan relayed tips with his signature straight-faced, slangy style, using brilliant illustrations to drive his point across. This “trick tip” (in the loosest sense) embodies everything that marked Donovan’s brilliance.

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Mikey Taylor, Donovan Strain & Vince Capaldi

Filmed by:
Chase Gabor
Additional filming by:
No info
Edited by:
Chase Gabor

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