10 Years of Berrics

10 Years of Berrics: First Wednesdays with Reda

Giovanni Reda’s regular series went to Tokyo, Texas, and all points in between. His abrasive approach to interviewing was equal parts insults and spontaneous, derogatory nicknames… and it was somehow endearing—like the Jerky Boys crossed with Howard Stern. Stealthily broken up into several segments (sometimes reaching the double-digits), this was entertainment that was planned to last our audience the whole day. And Reda was prolific, easily filming hundreds of episodes in the roughly five years (give or take) that he worked with us. Today, he’s acclaimed for several high-profile projects—including a stereotype-shattering BA doc and an upcoming piece on Nora Vasconcellos for adidas—and he’s still blessed with a majestic wall ride crail grab.

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Mikey Taylor, Mike Mo Capaldi & Eric Koston

Filmed by:
Giovanni Reda
Additional filming by:
No info
Edited by:
No info

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