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10 Years of Berrics: Richie Jackson – Battle Commander

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Do you remember the first time you saw a Richie Jackson clip? Like us, you may have been thinking, “Where has this guy been all my life?” Richie’s idiosyncratic outside-the-box process was a sight to behold; watching his gears turn made all of us retrain our skate minds. His skating, to put it squarely, is trippy as fuck. Trippy, in the sense that you’re left with unanswerable questions like, “What is an ender?” and “Are we in a post-stoke era?” Richie is a riddle, so just sit back and let his unparalleled Battle Commander wash over you—and don’t try to figure it out, man.

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Chase Gabor & Richie Jackson

Filmed by:
Chase Gabor
Additional filming by:
Edited by:

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