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10 Years of Berrics: Russell Houghten – REDirect – Urban Isolation

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RED Digital Cinema partnered with us to do the REDirect series, a showcase for ten skate filmmakers to translate their visions to ultra-HD. We supplied RED equipment and held training workshops for all the participants. As with any new must-have toy, these videographers were eager to get their mitts on these extremely powerful cameras. The work that came out of this series were phenomenal, with several pieces going viral immediately. Russell Houghten ultimately took top honors with “Urban Isolation,” a freaky fantasy about a bizarro Los Angeles where there is no traffic. How did he do that?

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Russell Houghten, Jordan Taylor, Tom Karangelov, Tyler Surrey, Jordan Trahan & Kai Gormsen
Richard Houghten – Empty
A Cosmic Girt – Dreams of The Sea

Filmed by:
No info
Additional filming by:
No info
Edited by:
Russell Houghten

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