10 Years of Berrics

10 Years of Berrics: Slip N’ Slide

Being around Chris “Mango” Milic is pure joy, and this edit we put together featuring him, Stevie Perez, Jake Anderson, and Johan “Don’t Mess With the Johan” Stuckey, puts a smile on our faces every time. Collecting odd pieces of skateable flotsam and jetsam is Mango’s M.O. Just watch any of his Frog clips and you’ll see that if it isn’t nailed down, Mango will bring it to the spot.

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Ryan Denman, Chris Milie, Johan Stuckey, Jake Anderson & Stevie Perez
Coolio – Fantastic Voyage

Filmed by:
Chase Gabor
Additional filming by:
No info
Edited by:
No info

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