30 Years of Animal Chin

30 Years of Animal Chin: Building The Chin Ramp

Powell Peralta’s 1986 film, “The Search For Animal Chin” , it was the Chin ramp that stole the show. The Chin Ramp was unfathomable in size and had just about every element from large extensions, larger channels, a mini ramp on the deck, a verticle spine and a tunnel. Built by Tim Payne, the Bones Bridage had just 3 days to skate the ramp before it was gone forever. Now 30 years later we hear from Tim Payne and the Brigade about their personal experiences with the ramp and the amazing times they had together skating and shooting for this iconic film.

Worth seeing:
30 Years of Animal Chin: The Full Story

Miki Vuckovich, Tim Payne, Mike McGill, Tony Hawk, Lance Mountain, Steve Caballero & Tommy Guerrero
Guest – Lorazepam
The Pesos – Let’er Go
The Pesos – Baby
Airglow – Decades

Filmed by:
Mike Thomas
Additional filming by:
– – –
Edited by:
Cameron Sanchez

// 30 Years of Animal Chin


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