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Ask Rad Rat: Aren’t All Wheels Pretty Much The Same?

Today we have next questions: Who’s your current favorite contemporary pro skater (i.e. turned pro in the last 5 years)? You are the only skateboard historian I know of. Who were your influences or role models to start the channel? What is a kook? Why does Skateboarding have a Rebel image to it? I just wanna hear your opinion on this scooter epidemic and if it’s the same over in the states as it is in the UK. Do you ever replace your pivot cups? From some of your vids I’ve gleaned that you used to live in metro Detroit. I’m interested to find out what side of town you lived in, and where your favorite spots are. What is up with wheels these days? Also, is there really that much difference between wheels with the same hardness? Yeah there’s a lot to tackle today! Let’s get to it.

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Aron Lawrence
Jim Dooley – ?

Filmed by:
Aron Lawrence
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Edited by:
Aron Lawrence

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