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Ask Rad Rat: Can the Tony Hawk Series be Fixed?

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Tons of good questions for the show today! Aron answer the following questions: Looking at the long-term, do you think that instagram will ‘burn-out’ peoples interest in skateboarding? Or at least the industry side of it? Does Height Affect Skate Ability? I just built a miniramp in my backyard, what basic tricks should I learn? Does doing core strengthening and legs and whatnot make enough of a difference in skating, to make it worth it? Do you think if they remake the Tony Hawk games upgrading the graphics and gameplay but keeping the overall concept of the franchise to the new generation of consoles could bring it’s popularity back?

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Aron Lawrence & Vasu Sojitra
Jim Dooley – ?

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Aron Lawrence
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Aron Lawrence

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