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Ask Rad Rat: How Much is too Much to Spend on Your Board?

Today we have next questions: What determines the “hard way” of doing a trick? What are your thoughts on non skaters playing realistic skating games such as skate and session? What changes in your mindset do you realise after skating for (?) years? Can you explain bigspins out of grinds and slides? How do 5-0 Grinds and Nose Grind with a tail or nose touch compare to 5-0 Grinds and Nose Grinds without a tail or nose touch? How much money is too much money when it comes to trying to be a talented skateboarder?

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Aron Lawrence and more…
Jim Dooley – ?

Filmed by:
Aron Lawrence
Additional filming by:
No info
Edited by:
Aron Lawrence

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