The Nine Club with Chris Roberts: Jamie Thomas (Episode 68)

The Nine Club with Chris Roberts Jamie Thomas (Episode 68)

The show that has skateboarders talking - This week Jamie Thomas discusses growing up in Alabama, working at Wendy’s, driving cross country with hotdogs and a microwave, sleeping at Embarcadero, his first board sponsor Experience, panhandling in San Francisco, riding for Invisible, getting a cold call from Ed Templeton to ride for Toy Machine, filming for Welcome To Hell, starting Zero, why he quit Emerica to ride for Adio, the rise and [...]

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Bangin!: Tre Williams

Bangin! Tre Williams

If you’ve been lucky enough to see Tre Williams skate in person, you already know that you can’t take your eyes off him. The control he has on the biggest rails makes every trick look tailor-made just for Tre.

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Other Clip: Joshua Chisolm Interview at Dew Tour Am Series 2017 Barcelona

Other Clip Joshua Chisolm Interview at Dew Tour Am Series 2017 Barcelona

Owner of the Instagram handle @hypemanspice, Joshua Chisolm was literally the hype man during the entire stay in Barcelona. Hailing all the way from Cape Town, Joshua aka Spice was made the most out of skating the streets in South Africa and submitted a banger Am Search video. In Spice’s interview above, he dives into a bit of the skate scene in South Africa, the plentiful spots in Barcelona, and winning the Am Search video contest. [...]

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