Bam's Unholy UnionSeason 1

Bam’s Unholy Union: “Detroit Rock City” (Season 1, Episode 3)

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Bam and Missy travel to Detroit to buy their rings (which Bam said cost $50,000.) Also, Bam and Missy find a venue for their wedding in Philadelphia, and Bam gives Missy his purple Lamborghini Gallardo as an early wedding present under the condition that Missy does one skate trick.

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Bam Margera, Missy Rothstein, Sarah, Briana, Ryan “Shitgoose” Gee, Carl, Tony Hawk, Carla, Dusan Mandic & David
Vains of Jenna – Don’t Give a Damn
Dixie Witch – Getaway
Axehandle – Fine Food
Scott “Deluxe” Drake – The Girl with The Titanium Heart
Deadsy – Phantasmagore
Lacrimas Profundere – Sweet Caroline
Sasquatch – Seven Years To Saturn
Clutch – The Devil & Me
Puny Human – The Ox
Crash Kelly – Ride The Wire
Hawthorne Heights – Cross Me Off Your List

Filmed by:
Joe Frantz
Additional filming by:
William Hamilton, Roger Bagley & Ryan Gee
Edited by:
Matt McCartie, Brian Forbes, Erik Hammarberg, Richie Edelson & Jeff Renfroe

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