Battle Commander: Youness Amrani

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Our latest Battle Commander, Youness Amrani, comes fresh out of BATB 9’s Finals Night with one of the most epic Battle Commanders ever, and it wasn’t an easy journey. Not only was he dealing with the tension of being in BATB 9 – New Blood, but he was also simultaneously filming for this Battle Commander. To say the least, stress levels definitely got high with Youness, especially with the tricks he was trying for his BC.

“A tree’s worst nightmare is becoming one of Youness’ skateboards. Chances are, it’s not gonna end well for that skateboard. It’s no surprise that there’ll be some frustration coming from Youness—the tricks he tries are beyond frustratingly hard… hence the letting loose of the steam on his boards. I swear, while filming for his Battle Commander, I could hear a yelp of horror coming from his board once the lights went out. His last trick alone would drive any skater insane while trying it. I definitely heard a sigh of relief when he rolled away from that one! If you haven’t seen Youness’s Battle Commander, you better scroll up and press play. It’s a jaw dropper.” – Yoon

Youness Amrani


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