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Best Foot Forward 2009: Dallas, TX

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Any of the 7 finalists could have won this or most of the other BFF stops, the level was that high! Props go out to finalists Vincent Thomas, Demarquis McDaniels, Frankie Heck, and 2007 winner Ryan Strader. Dominique Goings ended up in 3rd with bs Smith, nosegrind, nollie Smith, nollie crooks, and big spin board on the handrail. He also got nollie big spin, late shuv and nollie bs heel down the set. Demarquis earned the New Era Originator of the Day award with a crook across the entire long flat bar and into the bank on the other end. Last years winner, KeChaud Johnson destroyed everything to also to get 2nd, but especially the railfs feeble, nose blunt, kick flip front board, switch front board, and 270 front board! When the 105 degree contest was over, it was Adam Taylor who earned the rip to represent Dallas in the BFF Finals in MN. Adam landed back tail fakie, back over crook, kicky front board, kicky back lip, and front blunt fakie down the rail, a switch heel down the set, and a back tail kick flip on the quarter.

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Adam Taylor, KeChaud Johnson, Dominique Goings and more…
The Bled – Red Wedding

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