2009Best Foot Forward

Best Foot Forward 2009: Eatontown, NJ

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We went a little overboard with the invites in NJ and ended up with over 30 entries, but we squeezed in everyone. Chris Mathis had the toughest tricks and the best style of the day. He did a nollie 50, nollie nosegrind, nollie nose slide, and front blunt to end up in 3rd place. 2nd went to Tim Fulton with creative lines and a smith to front feeble on the long flat bar to win the New Era Originator of the Day award. 1st place went to young Chris Anderson who landed crooks, back 5-0, Smith, back Smith, tail slide and tail fakie on the handrail and hubba, as well as a switch biggy on the pyramid and big fs air on the quarter.

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Chris Anderson, Timmie Fulton, Chris Mathis and more…
Emery – Rock-n-Rule

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