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Best Foot Forward 2009: Minneapolis, MN – Finals!

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The BFF Tour Finals is quite simply the best 45 minutes of Zumiez Couch Tour every year. All the winners from all over the country converging in one place makes for an action-packed contest. Shawn Kelly from Oklahoma landed 5-0, tailslide, front salad, nosegrind and nosegrind 180 down the handrail. Dallas Adam Taylor did back over crook and heel flip back lip down the rail and switch heeled the double AND a back tail kickflip on the quarter! Houston winner KeChaud Johnson got kicky front board, nollie crooks, and nollie front board on the rail and blasted a huge indy and fs flip disaster on the quarter. Jack Olson the Minnesota favorite, landed switch heel and nollie heel down the double, an onslaught of switch 180 grinds on the rail and a big spin fs board on the handrail also. With the top 3 moving on to the 6th annual Hometown Heroes Finals at X Games this year, 3rd place went to Chicagos John Ozzy Osvarek, with nollie front board, kicky front board, big spin board slide down the rail and nollie back 360, nollie big spin and nollie flip over the pyramid too. 2nd went to Phillys Ishod Wair with light-footed tricks over the pyramid and double set as well as kicky front board, nollie front board, nose blunt, big spin front board, and big flip front board down the handrail. 1st place went to Portlands Anthony Grant with kicky back tail, nollie flip back lip, nollie nose slide, and nollie heel nose slide down the handrail and hubba to go along with switch heel and nollie heel down the double and pyramid respectively. Cant wait to see them at the HH Finals!!!

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Best Foot Forward 2009: Minneapolis, MN

Anthony Grant, Ishod Wair, John Oszarek and more…
Emery – The Smile, The Face

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