2009Best Foot Forward

Best Foot Forward 2009: Minneapolis, MN

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Minneapolis is always a breeding ground for great skateboarding, and just when you think there cant be, a brand new and maybe even more talented crop pops up. Jack Olson got 2nd last year and won the Minneapolis stop this year, with flip tricks on lock over the pyramid and double set, as well as switch 180 tricks onto the handrail. Jack did switch Barley, switch Smith, switch nosegrind and switch Smith back to switch again! Dan Coe was feeling it too, with nollie flip, hard flip and nollie double flip over the pyramid, and kicky back lip fakie and back tail bigspin on the handrailDan got 2nd. Ryan Mahowald got 3rd with front blunt, back tail fakie, and kick flip 5-0. He also did a front board body varial lipslide down the handrail.

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Jack Olson, Dan Coe, Ryan Mahowald and more…
Emery – Rock-N-Rule

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