2009Best Foot Forward

Best Foot Forward 2009: Pleasanton, CA

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Nor Cal has had some of the best top 3 talent of the Tour in the past and this year was no different. Caeser Rosado won the New Ear Originator of the Day with crowd pleaser tricks like crook back lip, bs 180 nosegrind, big spin board slide and a nollie big spin back lip! Adam Emery was well rounded with a Smith kickflip on the curved ledge, tre on the pyramid, hard flip down the set and bs 180 and fs flip over the handrailAdam took 3rd. 2nd place went to last years winner Tommy Werner, he cut his eyelid just before the Finals, but went on to kill it as usual. Tommy had kickflip front board, fs feebs, hurricane, fs board body varial to lip, noseblunt and that was just on the handrail, Tommy skated everything else too! This years winner also got 2nd at the HH comp two days earlier at 3rd & Army. 16 year old Mark Suciu has great style, he landed a hard flip and big flip down the set, he also had 180 switch crooks and bs noseblunt down the set! Mark skates tranny to with tre fakie in the quarter. Congrats to Mark for destroying two comps in 3 days!

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Mark Suciu, Tommy Werner, Adam Emery and more…
Emery – Studying Politics

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