2010Best Foot Forward

Best Foot Forward 2010: Baltimore, MD

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It was good to be back in Baltimore for the second year with plenty of rippers skating the Zumiez street course. Chris Mentlik took third place this year with some tech tricks. His nollie backside flip down the stairs, nollie cab to lipslide down the rail and kickflip back nosegrind on the hubba were some of the tricks he landed in the finals.

Antonio Massey was killing it all day and ended up placing second. He was spinning 270 into every trick on the rail including frontside and backside 270 lipslides and cab back lip. He also killed the plank with a half cab crook, backside 180 fakie 5050 and a nollie noseslide.

Ian Smith destroyed the course all the way to first place. He was shredding every obstacle in his path. Some highlights include big airs to fakie on the quarter, frontside bluntslide to fakie on the plank; and on the stairs he nailed a switch varial heel, fakie flip and sealed the deal with the switch bigspin heel. Daniel Corrigan was skating full speed and landing some tricks we hadn’t seen on the course so far this year, so he earned the New Era Originator of the Day Award.

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Ian Smith, Antonio Massey, Chris Mentlik and more…
The Maine – Into Your Arms

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