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Best Foot Forward 2010: Eatontown, NJ

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After Philadelphia, the next Zumiez Best Foot Forward contest presented by Bones Wheels was held in New Jersey where plenty of rippers showed up to compete. James Pitonyak was skating well all day with consistency and a great style. He ended up taking third place with a frontside 360 down the stairs, front blunt on the plank and a nosegrind pop out on the bump to ledge.

Rob Werner really stepped it up in the finals. He took second place after destroying the rail with tricks like kickflip back lip and kickflip 50-50. No one could really compete with Liam McCabe and his floral swim trunks. He killed the whole course with a nice variety of tricks, landing a bigspin heel over the stairs, hurricane down the rail and kickflip 5-0 on the plank. James Colville stood out with his creativity and was the New Era Originator of the Day.

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Liam McCabe, Rob Werner, James Pitonyak and more…
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