2010Best Foot Forward

Best Foot Forward 2010: Houston, TX

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Ryan Thompson placed third last year and third this year. Ryan dissected the course and got a front blunt and back 5-0, front 180 out across the plank, front big spin over the bank and a nice ollie transfer into the roller. Matt Feist’s creativty and solid tricks put him into second place. He reverse-pole jammed the cannon with a lipslide, nosegrinded down the hubba, back tail across the plank and front salad down the rail.

Johnathan Bastian undoubtedly earned first place. His all-around approach was key. He nailed a boneless 540 in the quarter, a big tweaked indy from the launch ramp over the box, back lip, back blunt and front noseblunt down the rail and a huge frontside indy in quarterpipe. Mike Davis brought home the New Era Originator of the Day Award with his tech wizardry.

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Johnathan Bastian, Matt Feist, Ryan Thompson and more…
Hawthorne Heights – Rescue Me

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