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Best Foot Forward 2011: Baltimore, MD

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Baltimore becomes the sight of a BFF gnarfest not to be matched. At the Zumiez Couch Tour, we fall upon many, many shredders who make the skatepark course rock and roll to their whims.

As the Baltimore sun wakes up in the morning sky, we open up on an event in this historic city to rival that of any of its past legacies. The Zumiez Couch Tour comes to an East coast city of monumental preparations. The Baltimore residents and party-goers of White Marsh Mall are sure to get what they came for: good times, great music and top-notch skateboarding.

Home to skateboarding greats like Bucky Lasek, it’s no doubt that the maneuvers and talent that were on display at the Zumiez Best Foot Forward contest were off the charts. We saw last year’s winner Ian Smith make the finals with ease, killing it with a consistency and style that was nothing short of marvelous. The sun shining and heat escalating like a rocket to the moon, the contestants found themselves in the middle of a bonafide heat wave.

All kinds of serious schralping went down. We saw wallrides and buttslides, feeble grinds and lip slides, high-flying tranny skills and tech-dog ledge madness. Some manny madness along with the best gap and drop maneuvers out there.

Third place goes to Jimmy Loebach. Second went to Antonio Massey, who rocked a switch FS 360 down the big gap with mad authority. Coming out on top of the BFF finals was Ian with flip tricks like switch heels, switch flips and a switch barley grind down the rail that made it a no-brainer for this now two-time BFF champ.

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Ian Smith, Antonio Massey, Jimmy Loebach and more…
Iron Maiden – Invaders

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