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Best Foot Forward 2011: Denver, CO

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Amongst the mountainous ranges and serene big sky, Denver has a undercurrent of gnarliness. Raging rapids and bitter windy winters stomp through this land of plenty. The gnar of Denver exhibited itself in a different way today as the Zumiez Best Foot Forward contest raged through Zumiez Couch Tour and made historical shredding the way to be.

With rippers from all over the Colorado mountains, this Littleton stop on the Couch Tour would be an awesome sight. Coming out of the gates and killing everything with originality and style was Matt Pennington. Matt, sporting a curled moustache and Hunter S. Thompson shades took to the Zumiez course like a bird in flight, ripping and shredding. Matt did a backside 360 540 flip and a clean laser flip down the big gap. Wyatt Milhollan came out strong as well. He hammered out kickflip back lips down the hand rail and a huge nollie heel down the big gap.

The Zumiez course was on fire when Phil Hansen took to the finals! Phil made everything work in his favor when he effortlessly landed practically every trick he tried, first try. Highlights of Phil’s runs were the double 360 flip off of the quarter pipe and a tre-flip lip on the bump-to-rail. Phil was truly on fire. But it would be Denver local Julian Christianson, who would seal it all up and throw down huge handrail tricks and big gap-to-flat bangers. Tricks like switch 270 lips and nollie nosegrinds down the handrail made Julian the crowd favorite. The judges were awed by Julian’s control and smoothness as he stomped a huge switch heel down the big gap.

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Julian Christianson, Phil Hansen, Wyatt Milhollan and more…
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