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Best Foot Forward 2011: Las Vegas, NV

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The heat outside was unbearable, but Vegas skaters are used to this type of environment. Luckily the atmosphere inside Skate City for Zumiez Best Foot Forward was one of cool breezes and non-stop shredding. The course here at Skate City is a two-way avenue with stairs, hubbas and rails. With a quarterpipe on one end, dudes are taking it to the street down the double set across the course and slingshotting the quarter to bang another hammer down the opposite stair set.

Among the winners were, in third place, Jericho Smith. A last minute entry with no warm up at all, Jericho kills it with kickflip 50-50s down the double set, a variety of nosegrind tricks down the handrail and pulling it all off at the buzzer. He also got a backside tailslide on the ledge across a gap to head-high drop. The crowd went nuts and Jericho flowed it all with smooth style.

Coming in second, with mad flip tricks, was Adrian McCoy. We saw Adrian kill the handrail with heelflips and kickflips to front and back boardslides. In addition, he nailed several flip tricks down the doubleset. There was no stopping him! This is one skater who you are definitely going to see more of in the future.

And taking first place was our undeniable champion, Phillip ‘Pip’ Meranto. Pip came out of the gates landing every single trick first try: Flips to rail and hubbas included. He was on fire, even with the ground being a bit slippery and the set-up of the course making for a lot of cross-course collisions. Pip rocked 270 lipslides and smooth back 180 to nosegrinds with ease.

The banger that sealed the deal was Pip’s cab to back lip down the rail at the buzzer, sending the crowd into a frenzy and sending Pip, without a doubt, into first place.

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Jericho Smith, Adrian McCoy, Phillip “Pip” Meranto and more…
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