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Best Foot Forward 2011: Minneapolis, MN

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It’s been a long, fruitful summer of madness. As the final stop on the Zumiez Couch Tour rolls into the biggest mall in America, the scene was set in Minneapolis for a finale of epic proportions.

The skateboard course was assembled and laced together with precision. And the heat was truthfully unbearable. The ramps, although magnificent in their construction, were so hot that they were in threat of certain destruction by spontaneous combustion.

With the Zumiez Best Foot Forward contest underway, the local qualifier went off with the usual minor injuries: a tweaked ankle here, a broken wrist there… But the heat was blistering! Overheated skateboarders clamored for water, shade or any kind of reprieve from this Minneapolis heat wave.

The finals of the local Twin Cities segment went like this: Third place went to Jace Torkelson, who rocked mean gap tricks and a bit of tranny wizardry for the hundreds of onlooking skate-rats in the audience. Second went to Dan Coe, who pulled off a beautiful back tail bigspin out on the handrail. Jack Olson sealed up the first place spot and advanced on to the BFF Finals.

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Jack Olson, Dan Coe, Jace Torkelson and more…
Death – Keep On Knocking

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