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Best Foot Forward 2011: Philadelphia, PA

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In the city of Brotherly Love, the shredders bring their Best Feet out to the BFF event. Formerly the nation’s capital, Philadelphia turns out to be the capital of shredding as the BFF crew descended upon its huddled and sweaty masses. Zumiez brings the heat, as does mother nature. With the humidity escalating like a stairway to heaven, the skaters had plenty to deal with. The contest got underway without a hitch.

In a city with such a deep historical bag of wonder, Ben Franklin himself would be proud to see the inventiveness these young upstarts would come bring. With names like Stevie Williams, Ricky Oyola, Chris Cole and Bam Margera calling this city home, you know the shredding coming out of this city would be bonkers.

Killing the quarterpipes and masonite like men possessed by a supernatural force, these East Coast shredders looked like a frenzy of tornado inspired mad-men. The rail chomping and flip tricks galore during the practice rounds were truly a sight to behold.

The finals went off with Julian Heller and Donny Hixon killing everything in their path. First place honors went to Maurio McCoy, second place went to Shane Colville and rounding out third was Kyle Knoblauch. We saw these dudes drop everything from kickflip front boards down the handrail to bigflips up the euro-gap. Did we mention the bigflip to front board stomped down the handrail? It took the audience by storm.

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Maurio McCoy, Shane Colville, Kyle Knoblauch and more…
Black Flag – Jealous Again

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