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Best Foot Forward 2011: Phoenix, AZ

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Tempe skatepark, outside of Phoenix was the host for this years Zumiez Best Foot Forward contest. While the weather was undoubtedly hot, there was no stopping the over fifty contenders who clamored for their shot at first place. This park has the street obstacles that take a skill level of only the serious skaters. We chose four areas and let the homies battle it out in a jam format.

First was the euro gap area. With all of these dudes flooding the one obstacle, you couldn’t help but feel the energy and glowing passion. We saw hoards of flip-to-manual tricks and massive technical tricks. A true highlight of this section was an insane blizzard flip (720 flip with a 360 body varial) by Dashaun Jordan.

The hubba section was next. It’s insane to see the non-stop flips and shuvs to various grinds. A virtual feeding frenzy took place in this area! We saw kickflip 5-0s and three flip 50-50s in abundance. Nick Fiorini landed a smooth switch crooks and Greg dunnigan handled a front nosegrind revert out down the hubba.

Next we moved to the handrail/bump-to-rail. Too much madness: Flip-to-slides down the handrail and tons of blunt slides and tech grinds. Greg Dunnigan rocked a half-cab feeble rewinding to fakie on the bump-to-rail…Seriously fluid stuff.

The topper to this all out gnar-fest was the stair/rail/hubba set located in the center of the park. Shredding the handrail, which is the equivalent of a street size 13 stair, will slaughter the inexperienced skater. Among the tricks–Backside 360, noseblunt slide, front feeble, hardflip, back lip fake, and a ton more. Winners of the day were Donovan Nearing in third, Greg Dunnigan in second, and Nick Fiorini coming out on top. Nick rocked back-to-back switch heel and switch flip like a champ and rounded it all out with a huge steezy fakie flip to seal the deal.

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