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Best Foot Forward 2011: Portland, OR

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Zumiez Best Foot Forward came into Portland mucho calliente with awesome shredding by an onslaught of skateboarders with super human skills.

Portland is known for its backdoor do-It-yourself take on skateboarding. Home of the original and most world famous DIY skatepark, Burnside. Portland brings out all the OG styles and relentless, non stop shredding.

In this BFF comp, there would be no time for slipping. Jordan Dunlap came out of the gates strong and was never one to hold back. He is a man on a mission with back lips, hardflips and smooth and consistent frontside flips all over the course. Jordan is a man who handles his skating with precision, pulling off most every trick first or second try. Skills like these helped Jordan rack up the third place trophy.

Tyson Reynolds, repping Tribute Skateboards and DVS, came out with killer rail tricks. Backside overcrooks, front crooks and a backside noseblunt on the handrail were just a few of Tyson’s tricks in his bag of awesome. Taking home the second place honors and killing it all over the course, Portland local Tyson, made the Best Foot Forward comp a no-brainer.

Mikey Calcagno took the first place trophy and wows the crowd with gnarly original tricks. Big three flips, bigspins and a flyswatter (tailgrab bigspin) to front board down the handrail, made him a shoe-in. Mikey killed it without a doubt. The whole contest was full of Portland’s finest and they all came out to represent in a big way.

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Jordan Dunlap, Tyson Reynolds, Mikey Calcagno and more…
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