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Best Foot Forward 2011: Seattle, WA

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To the mass of onlookers who came out to see some shredding, there would be no chance of disappointment in Seattle at the Zumiez Best Foot Forward contest. The day started out with a little rain and it came as no surprise to these Pacific North-Westerners. As the day wore on and the contest was scheduled to begin, the sun peeked through and showed its face to a crowd of welcoming skaters and spectators. Zumiez Couch Tour bands jammed in the background and the competition heated up on the brand new street course.

Mostly sticking to the handrail and the gap down, Robbie Repp handled business with various flip-to-rail tricks and sealed in a third place trophy.

Andrew Christiansen came in second looking amazing and sticking practically every trick first try. He nollie bigspin heelfliped up the step-up (which is no ordinary step-up!). It’s a 7 foot wide pit with a 5 foot drop. Andrew gave us a nice taste of what consistency feels like. He killed the course with lines, lines, lines!

And coming in first, was Bryan Krasovetz with clean hardflips and a switch 360 down the euro pit. The crowd went ballistic as the contenders killed the course. The BFF contest was a serious highlight of the first stop on the Zumiez Couch Tour.

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Robbie Repp, Andrew Christiansen, Bryan Krasovetz and more…
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