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Best Foot Forward 2011: Tulsa, OK

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The Zumies Best Foot Forward contest in Tulsa, OK was non-stop action!

While Joplin, Missouri was torn apart by tornadoes just one state away, Tulsa endured it’s own array of high-pressure winds. The skating was great throughout the whole contest. Tulsa skaters weren’t put off one bit by the gusts which made it insane to land most of their tricks.

Former Hometown Hero Clint Walker showed up for a bit to hang out and root on some of his favorites. Among the winners, was a man named Dirty, pulling off huge stalefishes and getting tech on the bump to rail. His use of the whole course and fast action nabbed him the third place trophy.

In second was Caleb Bagley, who was simply ‘going for it’ with handrail tricks ilke front 5-0s and front feebles.

Coming out way ahead of the game in the finals was Pat Donivan. Pat never stopped to take a breath. Fluid lines and a natural flow made linking his tricks together look effortless. Banger trick: a front 50-50 transfer out of the bowl across a ledge and dropping down into the quarter into the street course.

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Patrick Donivan, Caleb Bagley, “Dirty” and more…
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