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Best Foot Forward 2012: Milwaukee, WI

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At the Milwaukee stop of the 2012 Zumiez Best Foot Forward amateur skate contest series, the skateboarding tour got rolling with lots of steam and excitement. As the first stop of this year’s tour, Milwaukee brought the heat to the BFF contest with serious shredding from many talented skaters.

As always, there was stiff competition and the three finalists rocked the socks off the judges. Jason Seibert tore up the flat-rails and handrails with ease. Jason skated around the course with an incredible sense of style and ease. His efforts landed him the 3rd place spot.

15-year-old Corey Glick killed it on the handrail, and landed a kickflip front crook and a back 270 lip. Effortless switch hardflips and bigflips led Corey to take the 2nd place spot on the podium.

The man and true local hero of the day was Matt Nordness. Ripping through the park with speed and agility, Matt used the wooden landscape to his advantage and sealed the deal on the whole competition. Matt’s crowd-stopping ollie over to crooks straight onto the handrail brought him to win the 1st place trophy.

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