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Blue Couch Contest #1

Today we would like to present you the first episode of monthly contest which we called the “Blue Couch Contest.”

As you probably know or maybe not, we have a new partner – KEITRE Skateboards. Guys from Slovenia are really good what you can see for yourself by watching their latest promo video „KEEP IT UP”.

Therefore, we have several gifts today. What do you have to do to grab of this?

The only thing you have to do is subscribe our YouTube Channel and KEITRE Skateboards Channel, Facebook, Instagram whatever. Leave a comment below this video which part of KEEP IT UP you liked the most and why.

Two the most creative comments will be rewarded. The results will be announced on on this Friday April 12. Good Luck!

1st place
(KEITRE Skateboard deck, Skate Video Magazine T-Shirt and Stickers)

jahzgdz “Keep it up 5:05 This is a film trick speedramp, which comes from sk8boarding culture and has been used since than by such big filmmakers as Spike Jonze in almost every of his movie. I have been dreaming of skate video magazine mini towel since I Met Mike, years ago”

2nd place
(KEITRE T-Shirt, Skate Video Magazine Mini Towel and Stickers)

Evian Élémentaire “Keep it up” is a wonderful video! Amazing! In my point of view the best part is at 5:44 to 5:47 ! So many speed and power on the movement! It is maybe not verry tricky because he is just jumping but powerfull is here and it very amazing in fact! Congrats Marino Mazarekić!”


Thanks to everyone for participating in the Blue Couch Contest and see you in the next edition in May. BEST!

Michal Sadownik & Nikola Konig

Filmed by:
Michal Sadownik
Additional filming by:
– – –
Edited by:
Michal Sadownik

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