Run&Gun 2014: Felipe Gustavo

Run&Gun: Felipe Gustavo

Felipe Gustavo isn't just last years winner of Run & Gun... After a week long scoring process by all of you on theberrics.com Felipe Gustavo came out on top with the highest score for his run. Congrats Felipe on taking back to back Run & Guns.

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Run&Gun 2014: Vincent Alvarez

Run&Gun: Vincent Alvarez

Vincent Alvarez flows through the Berrics assembling his line for his Run & Gun and even though it didn't end on the note he wanted, his run is still mind blowing, 24 hours to film a 60 second line, it's easier said then done.

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Run&Gun 2014: Chris Cole

Run&Gun: Chris Cole

Chris Cole steps inside the Berrics with 24 hours to film his best 60 second run, and assembles a Run & Gun that'll have anyone's jaw touching the ground.

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