The Nine Club with Chris Roberts: Ty Evans (Episode 75)

The Nine Club with Chris Roberts Ty Evans (Episode 75)

The show that has skateboarders talking - This week Ty Evans discusses growing up in Simi Vally area, getting his fist VHS camera, working on his first video Silver, leaving Planet Earth & Rhythm to work for Transworld, making the switch from Transworld to Girl/Lakai, the behind the scenes & the struggles of making skate films, Fully Flared, We Are Blood, maxing out his Amex card to make his new film “The Flat Earth” and much more…

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Process: Keen Ramps – “10” Obstacle

Process: Keen Ramps - "10" Obstacle

For our tenth anniversary, we presented Keen Ramps with a challenge: develop a crazy-ass modular skate obstacle created entirely around the number 10. You could say… they nailed it. Keen Ramps's creation really gave us wood, and here's how they did it.

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The Route One Interview: Louie Barletta (Part 1)

The Route One Interview Louie Barletta (Part 1)

Enjoi head honcho and the happiest guy in skateboarding, Mr Louie Barletta, rounds off 2017 with this epic two parter, filmed in Manchester during enjoi's hugely successful 2017 'Breaking Rad' tour. In part one we discuss the highs and lows of tour life and being a Smiths fan before moving on to chat about enjoi's historic win in the latest Thrasher King of the Road. Check back for part two where we discuss a whole load of subject that left Louie [...]

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Product Pillage: Tom Asta

Product Pillage Tom Asta

Tom Asta swung by the warehouse to pick up the essentials but also... managed to snag some non traditional North American maple to set up. You would think switch flip back tails and kickflip front crooks would be much harder on a 9.4in wide board. Apparently that is not the case. After all the product pillaging and ledge abuse wrapped up, Tom and Josh Borden judged a jump ramp contest for the good people of the NHS, Inc.

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