Legacy: “Plan B’s Commitment to Video Excellence” (Episode 9)

Legacy: "Plan B's Commitment to Video Excellence" (Episode 9)

In this final episode of, “Legacy. The History of Plan B Skateboards”, the team takes us on a journey with them as they prepare to live up to the hype and expectation of the first full length team video in many years. Learn about the process each skater commits to in their attempt to make an impact and live up to the teams standards that goes beyond their own individual high standards. What drives this team towards this goal was established over [...]

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Legacy: “Danny Way, Colin McKay Captains Of Industry” (Episode 7)

Legacy: "Danny Way, Colin McKay Captains Of Industry" (Episode 7)

In episode seven of, “Legacy. The History of Plan B Skateboarding”, Danny Way and Colin McKay’s journey is traced back to their progressive skate roots in both street and vert through present day as the new commanding business owners of Plan B. Today, they work to balance friendship with their growing responsibilities in the skate industry. With Danny’s new Mega Ramp in Kauai, Hawaii him and Colin continue to balance their roles within the company [...]

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Legacy: “Plan B On The Road in Seattle” (Episode 6)

Legacy: "Plan B On The Road in Seattle" (Episode 6)

In episode six of, “Legacy. The History of Plan B Skateboarding”, P-Rod, Sheckler and the Plan B team hit the road for the first two stops on the Zumiez Couch Tour. While traveling between demos in Portland and Seattle, the boys welcome their newest team rider, Trevor McClung, to the family. Beyond the traveling for demos and continuing to shoot parts for their upcoming video, the team proves that Plan B is more of a family than a [...]

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Legacy: “Plan B Skateboards’ Next Generation” (Episode 5)

Legacy: "Plan B Skateboards' Next Generation" (Episode 5)

In episode five of, “Legacy. The History of Plan B Skateboarding”, The new Plan B captures the skate world’s attention by putting Ryan Sheckler and Paul Rodriguez on the team. Learn how these two rising stars to turned heads with their skating in both the streets and in competitions more than eight years ago, and what made them the sought after keys to Plan B’s rebirth. With P-Rod and Sheckler now leading the way, Pat Duffy shares the [...]

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Legacy: “The Passing, Rebirth of Plan B” (Episode 4)

Legacy: "The Passing, Rebirth of Plan B" (Episode 4)

Plan B was on top of skateboarding following the release of their influential videos Questionable and Virtual Reality that essentially laid the ground for modern skateboarding. With the entire team pushing boundaries and ushering in a new era based on Mike Ternasky’s vision Plan B seemed like an unstoppable team until a fatal car accident took it all away. Danny Way and Colin McKay let the dream of Plan B go along with Ternasky’s passing, but [...]

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Legacy: “The Rise of the Video Part, Pat Duffy’s Breakout” (Episode 3)

Legacy: "The Rise of the Video Part, Pat Duffy's Breakout" (Episode 3)

In episode three of, “Legacy. The History of Plan B Skateboarding”, watch as the video revolution that Plan B created with Questionable launched the modern era of street skateboarding. Learn how Pat Duffy broke onto the scene with one of the most important video parts in skateboarding’s history. See Danny Way transcend street and vert style that lead him to becoming the influential skater he is today. This episode will relive the days of video [...]

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Legacy: “Building Skateboarding’s Original Dream Team” (Episode 2)

Legacy: "Building Skateboarding's Original Dream Team" (Episode 2)

In episode two of, “Legacy. The History of Plan B Skateboarding”, learn how the company started from the ground up and how Mike Ternasky’s vision and mentoring of the team created a lasting impression on the skaters he worked with. Hear how Ternasky’s push for excellence transcended to all the skateboarders on the original team and lit a fire under them all to film the strongest video parts of their time and changed the face of skateboarding [...]

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Legacy: “Mike Ternasky Reflection, Return of The Team” (Episode 1)

Legacy: "Mike Ternasky Reflection, Return of The Team" (Episode 1)

In 1991 Mike Ternasky assembled one of the most dominant teams in the history of the sport and produced what many consider to be the best skate video of all time, Questionable. In 1994, after Mike’s tragic death in car accident the future of the team appeared to be over. Then in 2005, founding team members Danny Way and Colin McKay relaunched the brand with their own version of the super team and a dream to continue the legacy of Plan B.

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