Retro Rippers

Retro Rippers: Frankie Hill Speaks!

Retro Rippers Frankie Hill Speaks!

Before Aron published his Frankie Hill video, he reached out to him with some questions. Frankie didn't see Aron's message, but he saw the video, and Aron finally got in touch. Here are the answers to the questions he had, and some clarification on topics in the last video.

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Retro Rippers: The Legend of Tom Penny

Retro Rippers The Legend of Tom Penny

Tom Penny has a well-earned cult status in skateboarding. He came to the US in the mid 90s and basically upended the pro skateboarding world with his unbelievable tricks, and his ultra casual, sleepy style. Let's take a look at the remarkable career of Tom Penny.

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Retro Rippers: Josh Kasper – He Could Only Do 10 Tricks?

Retro Rippers Josh Kasper - He Could Only Do 10 Tricks

This time on Retro Rippers, Aron taking a look at the career of Josh Kasper, one of the biggest skaters of the late 90s. This dude could 360 flip anything. But what ever happened to him, and how did his career end? Also, are the rumors about him true - He can't do grinds or skate mini ramps, and he only had 10 tricks. All of that and more on this episode.

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