SPoT 20 Year Experience

SPoT 20 Year Experience: Luan Oliveira (Episode 18)

SkatePark Of Tampa: Luan Oliveira (Episode 18)

Originally from Brazil, Luan dreamed of making it to the good ‘ol USA with skating Tampa Am as a priority. Luan knew anything was possible following the success story of fellow Brazilian skateboarder, Felipe Gustavo, winning Tampa Am 2007. Following Felipe’s path to Tampa, Flip Skateboards brought him over to take the win at Tampa Am 2008. Luan set records by also taking the win again during Tampa Am 2009. Enjoy Luan’s experience and be [...]

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SPoT 20 Year Experience: Ed Templeton (Episode 15)

SkatePark Of Tampa: Ed Templeton (Episode 15)

Ed is up next on SPoT's "20" Year Experience. He has some of his SPoT trophies from the early 90's and takes us back to some amazing stories from the early days of Tampa Pro, including how Skatepark of Tampa played a part in the development of Toy Machine.

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SPoT 20 Year Experience: Lizard King (Episode 14)

SkatePark Of Tampa: Lizard King (Episode 14)

The Passion is up next on SPoT's "20" Year Experience. Lizard's contest win in his homelands of Utah provides him with a free trip to Tampa, FL. His first ever skate trip, riding for Hollywood flow, he meets up with "Legendary Josh Beagle", Slash, and Sammy Baca. He notes, if your not partying and skating the contest, "you're cheating". Did you know he learned Cab front boards here before he did them down the Hollywood 12? Sit back, enjoy his [...]

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SPoT 20 Year Experience: Lance Mountain (Episode 13)

SkatePark Of Tampa: Lance Mountain (Episode 13)

Lance Mountain us up next on SPoT’s “20” Year Experience. He reflects on the early days of the Park and makes a funny point on comparing it to the Lord of the Flies story with the “Wild West” vibe that has always been a part of Skatepark of Tampa. Remember when Dustin Dollin kickflipped off a U-Haul here? That and more history is in this episode.

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SPoT 20 Year Experience: Eric Koston (Episode 12)

SkatePark Of Tampa: Eric Koston (Episode 12)

Koston brings us back to the first Tampa Pro in 1995 when he first set foot in our “never been cleaned before” skatepark. He notes Sean Sheffey’s antics from the early 90s which included Sheffey almost killing Tony Hawk. He pays respect to Chris Senn for destroying Tampa Pro 1996 along with congratulating SPoT for maintaining somehow for 20 years. With over a dozen Tampa Pros under his belt and two 1st place finishes, we look [...]

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SPoT 20 Year Experience: Danny Way (Episode 11)

SkatePark Of Tampa: Danny Way (Episode 11)

In 1994 Danny Way broke his neck and was afraid he would never return to skateboarding. In 1996, less than two years after his injury, he attended Tampa Pro for his first appearance back in the skate scene. His intention was to become acquainted with skateboarding, however, he did more than just that by winning vert and placing 2nd in street. He notes, “Tampa was the catalyst…” that gave him the assurance that his skate career wasn’t over [...]

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SPoT 20 Year Experience: Paul Rodriguez (Episode 10)

SkatePark Of Tampa: Paul Rodriguez (Episode 10)

At 15 years old, a young Paul Rodriguez riding for DNA skateboards steped onto the battlefield of Tampa Am 2000. A self proclaimed “Video Scientist” he gets to see the likes of Danny Garcia, Colt Cannon, and others for the first time in real life. Paul is overwhelmed when he realizes the caliber of what it takes to be pro seeing Mark Appleyard and Chris Cole destroy Tampa Pro. Always knowing the importance of getting a Tampa Pro win under his [...]

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SPoT 20 Year Experience: Tony Hawk (Episode 9)

SkatePark Of Tampa: Tony Hawk (Episode 9)

In the early 90’s Tony Hawk found one of the only vert sessions in existence happening in Tampa. He gives praise and talks of skating Tampa with former Birdhouse teammates, Paul Zitzer and local powerhouse Mike Frazier. Tampa was fortunate to make history as Tony set his sites on Tampa as the place to ride away from the first ever kickflip 540. Tony notes the importance of the contests and to “…witnessing some of the heaviest street events…” [...]

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