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Full Video: Chipped (2017)

Full Video Chipped (2017)

A skateboard movie inside and outside the Austrian borders The movie is all about fun while skateboarding in Innsbruck and around. During filming and especially in the last year 2016 way more boards have been used and chipped. It’s not about showing famous skater, it’s more about People who love skateboarding the way it is. Crusin around streets and just have fun.

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Full Video: Simplesmente 4 “Persistencia” (2015)

Simplesmente 4 "Persistência" (2016)

The Simplismente video, was made by filmmaker JP Romero. Starting in 2006 this independent project arose from the need to transmit and keep the essence of street skating. Even with low budgets, the video has expanded several regions of Brazil giving visibility to skaters who live far from the centers.

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Full Video: Exhibit B (2015)

Exhibit B (2015)

The second disc from Kevin Perez's 2-DVD opus, Exhibit. This video was filmed on the VX1000 and is 10+ minutes of ripping from the Exhibit cast: Chris Blake, Caleb Hook, Jesse Turley, Manuel Claudio, Mike Wine, Willie Wilson, Lam Le, Cesar Fernandez, Rob Wootton, Ben Eubank and more.

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Full Video: Exhibit A (2015)

Exhibit A (2015)

Kevin Perez's indy video outta Florida, Exhibit, is now online for the first time in its entirety. Here's the first disc of the two-DVD set, Exhibit A, filmed in HD. Stay tuned for Exhibit B, the VX video dropping later this week! Pick up the DVD set here.

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Full Video: Kinship (2015)

Kinship (2015)

Without any exaggeration at all, The Kinship Video may be the best independent skate video I’ve seen in a long time. Yeah, it’s a couple of years old, but Glen Hammerle and Matt Ballard are the perfect team behind the lens.

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