10 Years of Berrics: Billy’s Balls At The Berrics

10 Years of Berrics Billy's Balls At The Berrics

It takes a special individual to appraise his surroundings the way Billy Marks does. Who else but one of the world's most progressive rail skaters could size up every angle in The Berrics and calculate how to bounce a basketball juuuuust right and get nothing but net? Billy manages to hit the mark every time.

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10 Years of Berrics: The Greatest Thing Ever

10 Years of Berrics The Greatest Thing Ever

Coming in at #50 is a classic example of how, at any given moment, something magical could be going down at The Berrics. In this case, Chase just had to let his camera run while a few of the best skaters in the world had a marathon sesh.

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10 Years of Berrics: Top 50 Video Countdown

10 Years of Berrics Intro Video

Over the next ten days, we’re counting down our 50 greatest videos. Where does that leave the other 3,149 (give or take a few) videos? Well, they’re still here just waiting for you to click play. (Try the RVG 4000 button in the nav bar on the site for a trip down memory lane.) Wow, we feel old.

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