10 Years of Berrics

10 Years of Berrics: Buttery Mondays – Butteryass Trick Tips

10 Years of Berrics Buttery Mondays - Butteryass Trick Tips

The Butteryass revolution wasn't started with a single grape soda across the bow, rather it was cases upon cases of grape sodas drunk over many Mondays. Donovan Strain (aka Butteryass Donovan) developed his Butteryass Mondays series as a form of how-to videos, but from a hustler's point of view. His observations were hilarious and true; each week, Donovan relayed tips with his signature straight-faced, slangy style, using brilliant [...]

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10 Years of Berrics: First Wednesdays with Reda

10 Years of Berrics First Wednesdays With Reda

Giovanni Reda's regular series went to Tokyo, Texas, and all points in between. His abrasive approach to interviewing was equal parts insults and spontaneous, derogatory nicknames… and it was somehow endearing—like the Jerky Boys crossed with Howard Stern. Stealthily broken up into several segments (sometimes reaching the double-digits), this was entertainment that was planned to last our audience the whole day. And Reda was [...]

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10 Years of Berrics: BATB7 Champion – Cody Cepeda

10 Years of Berrics BATB7 Champion - Cody Cepeda

The premise of "Pros vs. Joes," seventh themed BATB, was simple: unknowns go up against the best in the biz. It was also the first Battle At The Berrics Finals to be broadcast live. So when Michigan's Cody Cepeda pulled off an upset against odds-on favorite Luan Oliveira the whole world could experience the resulting mayhem in the park. The crowd jumped off the bleachers; the barriers were knocked over. The 1,000 or so fans in the [...]

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10 Years of Berrics: Cory Kennedy – BangYoSelf

10 Years of Berrics Cory Kennedy - BangYoSelf

The Bang Yoself video-clip submission contest was a constant source of encouragement for them. They received so many unbelievable clips from skaters from all over the world; the response was staggering. With such a large, supportive audience willing to share their hard-earned footage with them. By the second season, in 2009, there was no doubt that they were onto something with Bang Yoself: Washingtonian wunderkind Cory Kennedy, [...]

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10 Years of Berrics: Aberrican Me – Ross Capicchioni

10 Years of Berrics Aberrican Me - Ross Capicchioni

Detroit's Ross Capicchioni survived a hell of an ordeal in 2007. His story, a wrong-place-at-the-wrong-time scenario, was shocking and taught us that we're all a lot stronger than we think. After the Berrics produced this two-part "Aberrican Me" doc, it spread like wildfire…Oprah was down with them.

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10 Years of Berrics: Mike Mo – First First Try Fridays

10 Years of Berrics Mike Mo - First First Try Fridays

First Try Fridays may be the most sadistic series (if you don't count the delirious 24-hour cabin fever of the Run & Gun filming sessions). Guys from the Berrics call they up, and just as they're about to say, "Hey it's great to hear from you!" they cut in with: It's Friday. You know what that means? Mike Mo had the first First, establishing the pattern for 200+ Firsts to follow. Thankfully, the focused boards were few and far between.

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