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Alli Set Up: Sierra Fellers

Alli Setup: Sierra Fellers

Sierra Fellers is here to skate, but first he needs to put together a fresh complete. Sierra is a pretty normal guy, but he gets a little quirky when setting up his board. Hear why he tightens some bolts before the others, what kind of shape he likes to ride and everything that goes into his Setup.

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Alli Set Up: Lenny Rivas

Alli Setup: Lenny Rivas

Lenny Rivas is an awesome dude who marches to the beat of his own drum and doesn’t care what other people think, which is rad. Rivas has a tight crew with the guys at DGK and he pretty much considers them all family. Check out his DGK pro model deck, his Gold Wheels and the rest of his ride on this Setup!

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Alli Set Up: Zered Bassett

Alli Setup: Zered Bassett

Zered Bassett, aka Dr. Z, is a gritty New Yorker who destroys any terrain you put him on. Bassett leaves a small sliver of wood on the Northeast corner of his board when he grips it and is constantly riding switch. Find out why he pops the shield off his bearings and what gear he rides that enables him to ride so hard in this Setup.

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Alli Set Up: Bobby Worrest

Alli Setup: Bobby Worrest

Bobby Worrest is skating a dipped deck for the first time in a while, he never pops his bearing shields and he is one of the best ledge skaters around. Find out the technical makeup that comes together to create Bobby Worrest’s skateboard complete in this Setup.

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Alli Set Up: Keelan Dadd

Alli Setup: Keelan Dadd

Keelan Dadd is new to the professional ranks, so we caught up with him to check out his first pro graphic for DGK. See what Keelan Dadd is riding on from his first fresh graphic down the bolts and take notice of his matching wardrobe in this Setup.

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Alli Set Up: Ramiro Salcedo

Alli Setup: Ramiro Salcedo

Ramiro Salcedo, most commonly known as Furby, has a style all his own and the graphic on his newest pro model graphic fully reflects his flavor. Find out what he rocks under his feet from Shake Junt hardware to Deathwish deck in this Setup.

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Alli Set Up: Jimmy Carlin

Alli Setup: Jimmy Carlin

Jimmy Carlin forgot a few stickers to slap on his fresh complete, but he remembered the shout outs! See what is under the flipping feet of Jimmy Carlin as he breaks his skate down from board to bearing covers in this Setup.

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Alli Set Up: Shuriken Shannon

Alli Setup: Shuriken Shannon

Shuriken Shannon shreds the SoCal skate scene stemming from his San Diego roots and beyond. Wonder what he is shredding on? Wonder no more, because Shuriken breaks his board down in this Setup!

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Alli Set Up: Chris Roberts

Alli Setup: Chris Roberts

Chris Roberts rolls in on Autobahn wheels under his Chocolate deck with his Independent trucks plus his Bones bearings and bushings all comes together to create his perfect complete. See what sizes he rides and how he puts it all together in this Setup.

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Alli Set Up: Mark Appleyard

Alli Setup: Mark Appleyard

Mark Applyard has an unmatched technique when it comes to him and his skateboard. From griptape, to bolts plus all the parts in between Apples takes a few minutes to put together a fresh complete for your viewing pleasure in this Setup.

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