B-Sides: Jerry Hsu’s “Made Chapter 2”

B-Sides: Jerry Hsu's “Made Chapter 2”

There’s nobody like Jerry. He puts in the work, he pays the piper, but the end result is always so damn sweet. His video parts are a gift to the skateboarding world and these B-Sides give you an idea of what he goes through to make them.

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B-Sides: Andrew Reynolds’ “Made Chapter 2”

B-Sides: Andrew Reynolds' “Made Chapter 2”

Drew was SOTY in 1998. Think about that for moment before you watch him absolutely crush it for the next 6 minutes. Whether it’s the fountain of youth or unrivaled drive, he’s still at the top of his game. We all know what he’s accomplished over the years, but seeing these high speed ledges lines in the B-Sides is so damn rad.

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