Battle Royale

Battle Royale: Sewa Kroetkov & Micky Papa

Battle Royale Sewa Kroetkov & Micky Papa

Today, Sewa Kroetkov and Micky Papa share a birthday. Their horoscope says, "This year you walk through many different situations yet gain in nearly all of them." But which one of these two virgos will gain a slice of sweet chocolate cake in this Battle Royale? Our social media manager—and nice guy of all trades—Tom Rohrer wishes them a happy birthday, and to all a good night.

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Battle Royale: Mark Appleyard & Felipe Gustavo

Battle Royale Mark Appleyard & Felipe Gustavo

Chris Cole handed the reins over to Yoon (aka "Steez Aoki") for this edition of Chris Cole's Battle Royale. The prospective opponents—Mark Appleyard and Felipe Gustavo—must do battle at the peak of A-frame mountain. Who'll come out on top?

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