Dew Tour Setups

Dew Tour Setup: Tom Asta

Dew Tour Setup Tom Asta

In this new episode of Setups, we hear from Tom Asta. Skating for Santa Cruz in this year’s TransWorld SKATEboarding team challenge and pro competition Tom was able to adapt his skills to the tech, rails and gaps course. To put it simply Tom can flip in, out and over almost anything. Of course, these flawless feats wouldn’t be possible without the help of his skateboard gear. Find out how Tom meshes together old skateboard [...]

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Dew Tour Setup: Cory Juneau

Dew Tour Setup Cory Juneau

One of the youngest fiends to carve his way up the skate ranks is Dew Tour Long Beach first place Pro Bowl winner Cory Juneau. Cory’s ability to swiftly choose lines and throw casual kickflips well over coping is mind blowing. Coupled with skill and talent, find out what equipment Cory uses to manipulate his way through transitional concrete.

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Dew Tour Setup: Chris Cole

Dew Tour Setup Chris Cole

Known for his stunning video parts and dominance in skateboard competitions, Chris Cole is skateboarding's catalysts for progression. The following segment of Setups, Chris reveals the skateboard gear that allows him to be freakishly consistent on a board.

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Dew Tour Setup: Dave Bachinsky

Dew Tour Setup Dave Bachinsky

One thing everyone knows about Dave Bachinsky is that he kickflipped El Toro. But what most people don’t know about him is the skateboard gear he skates. Get to know Dave’s skateboard setup as he reveals it all in the video above.

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Dew Tour Setup: Chris Joslin

Dew Tour Setup Chris Joslin

Chris Joslin breaks down his skateboard gear in his latest setups episode. Get the full details on the type of board and equipment Chris prefers to skate that enables him to shred.

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Dew Tour Setup: Sean Malto

Dew Tour Setup Sean Malto

In our latest segment of Setups, we sat down with Mountain Dew rider and Dew Tour competitor Sean Malto. Sean brought us into his shared private skate park to get underneath his grip and share his established skateboard setup.

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Dew Tour Setup: Micky Papa

Dew Tour Setup: Micky Papa

Returning Team Challenge champion Micky Papa sits down curbside to explain what he works with under his feet to make the Switch Made dreams work. Take some notes down from Micky’s two-minute setups video and maybe one day you’ll be executing nose grind nollie flip out on rails.

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Dew Tour Setup: Matt Berger

Dew Tour Setup Matt Berger

Matt Berger takes us through the technical aspect of his skateboard setup. Get the full scoop behind Matt’s 8.0 Every Which Way skateboard, Thunder Trucks, and his signature Bones STF formula.

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Dew Tour Setup: TJ Rogers

Dew Tour Setup TJ Rogers

While assembling a fresh Christmas complete, Blind skateboards rider TJ Rogers gives us the run down on his skateboard setup. Pick up on some of TJ’s personal tweaks and preferences and unleash the tech wizard within you!

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Dew Tour Setup: Curren Caples

Dew Tour Setup Curren Caples

Curren Caples takes a moment to sit down and go through the sled he rides that allows him to get buck on hand rails and blast out of tranny. Get the scoop on his setup and get ready to watch this ATV rider kill it out at Dew Tour Long Beach 2017 June 15-18!

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