Street & Park Montage

Street Montage: Ugly Vision – Dime

Street Montage Ugly Vision - Dime

Dime’s Glory Challenge is a wondrous event that takes place in Montreal every year. After the actual contest, they do more challenges on the streets and get in some raw skating. Go for a Dime and you get a dozen.

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Street Montage: Hugo Maillard and Romain Batard

Street Montage Hugo Maillard and Romain Batard

If you picked up a copy of our latest issue you’re probably pretty curious about this one… “What was going on with that article where they had a full page photo of some guy hippy jumping his filmer’s leg?” Well, this is what was going on. To underline the importance of the relationship between the filmer and the skater, Hugo Maillard worked on a section in which Romain Bartard is a part of “his” tricks. Still doesn’t quite make sense? Their [...]

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