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Watch This!: Vinnie Banh by Luis Mora

Watch This!: Vinnie Banh by Luis Mora

This is Vinnie Banh’s second time making it onto Watch This! and with little wonder why. Vinnie doesn’t stop. Literally, if you’ve been following him on Instagram, you know Vinnie is always filming for something. Vinnie’s part by Luis Mora is too ridiculously solid, especially for the number of stair tricks throughout his part. It’s as if Vinnie has magnets on his feet that have him landing bolts every time. Lots of iconic LA spots in here too, but Vinnie [...]

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Watch This!: Cam Sedlick’s – Stand By Fire

Watch This!: Cam Sedlick's - Stand By Fire

Cam Sedlick’s last part for local video Stand By Fire may be the gnarliest part in a local vid we’ve seen. That’s a bold statement, trust us we know, but Cam pulls down several NBDs worthy of a seasoned pro. Some of you have seen his incredible back 360 (you’ll know what we’re talking about) but now we have his full part for you in one place. Thanks for sending us your part Cam, the people will be stoked!

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Watch This!: Youth Skateboards – Andrzej Naras

Watch This!: Youth Skateboards - Andrzej Naras

Hailing from Poland, Youth Skateboards sent us Andrzej Naras part from their YTH video, and damn, it’s good. Seriously, what is it with Europeans and their affinity for technical skating? From hardflipping into noseblunts, to switch frontside 360 kickflipping sets, Andrzej is a seriously talented skateboarder. And yes, we said hardflip noseblunt… Watch This! part and pay attention to Andrzej’s face after his banger. It’s the feeling we all get when [...]

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Watch This!: Jordan Rodrigues “Gem” Part

Watch This!: Jordan Rodrigues "Gem" Part

The Gem video hails from Boston, Massachusetts, featuring some of Beantown’s finest. Tim Savage appropriately titled his video Gem, why? Because that’s exactly what we’re looking to uncover with Watch This! It’s our goal to excavate those video parts, short films, and projects deserving to be seen, and certainly, Jordan Rodrigues’s part deserves your attention. Get a taste of the local Bostonian scene with Jordan Rodrigues, a fearless [...]

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Watch This!: Chris Lopez “No Hope” Part

Watch This!: Chris Lopez "No Hope" Part

We’ve said it before, opening part sets the tone; especially for a local video featuring a part from Chris Joslin. But this is a different Chris, this is Chris Lopez, and Mr.Lopez is a killer in the streets. What is it with guys named Chris having an affinity for flipping their boards down the biggest shit? We’re not complaining at all; we just want to know. Chris Lopez No Hope part sets the tone for the video and your weekend. Click play, get hyped to skate. [...]

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Watch This!: Taylor Bray “Video Work” Part

Watch This!: Taylor Bray "Video Work" Part

Every once in a while, we get a video submission to our Watch This! that just makes us say, what the fuck? Taylor Bray is that dude with his Video Work part by Pat Ascherl. Taylor’s high-octane raw style is the definition of gnarly. Taylor charges shit and the slams look painful, but we know Taylor is blood-thirsty. Take a look at his ender and you’ll agree, Taylor Bray loves putting his body on the line and rolling away with hammer clips. Great part Taylor! [...]

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Watch This!: Paul Corley – Raw Footage

Watch This!: Paul Corley - Raw Footage

Sometimes there’s nothing better than raw footage, especially crispy VX footy. Much like a black and white portrait raw footage directs your focus at what’s in front of you. In this case, something engaging, something creative and something passionate. Paul Corley is a Long Beach ripper whose rawness is in a class of its own. There’s just something about him you get from the first clip, you immediately think to yourself: “This is going to be [...]

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Watch This!: Tactical 2 – Small Change

Watch This!: Tactical 2 - Small Change

Some of these spots have come and gone, some of these skaters may not live in LA anymore, but Tactical 2 connects all these dudes for life thanks to Blake Housenga. You know when you and your homies spent all that time together making a project, going on missions and putting in hard work. That special feeling knowing you can always push play and reminiscent on the good ol’ days. Isn’t that why we do this? Why we go out and film with [...]

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Watch This!: Tyler Kirshenbaum – Any Surface

Watch This!: Tyler Kirshenbaum - Any Surface

Ten-year-old Tyler Kirshenbaum didn’t earn the nickname “The Natural” for nothing. Upon witnessing Tyler pull off nollie laser flips down sets at the young-age of ten, we can only imagine what he’ll be busting at 20. Most kids his age (to no fault of their own) suffer from ‘kid flick.’ Their leg muscles just haven’t developed yet, but somehow Tyler defies the odds with a Reynolds-like flick, launching him well ahead of the curve. On top of that, he’s [...]

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Watch This!: Shred Ready – Small Change

Watch This!: Shred Ready - Small Change

Cell phone clips are spread across the internet like butter on toast, but seldom does someone come along and produce a full lengther shot entirely on an iPhone 6s. That’s the thing, Blake Housenga is dedicated to filming. He not only loves filming, but producing the best work he can. It’s amazing to see skaters from the Northwest, Northeast, and other parts of the U.S. come together in Los Angeles, because LA really is a melting pot of [...]

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