Betting with P-Rod

Betting with P-Rod: “$40 Ollie” (Episode 3)

Betting with P-Rod: $40 Ollie (Episode 3)

So we were at Biebel's park and you know Spanish Mike started talking about how he could ollie the 7 easy... so you know we had to put him on the spot and make it into a little competition. Spanish Mike Vs Riff, $40 on the line, first one to ollie the 7 wins...

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Betting with P-Rod: “Spanish Mike’s Backside Flip” (Episode 1)

Betting with P-Rod: Spanish Mike's Backside Flip (Episode 1)

We were out at this spot and Spanish Mike started talking all loud about his backside flips, so we decided to challenge Mike right on the spot to see if he could put his money where his mouth is… Introducing the first episode of “Betting with P-Rod”. Let me know what you guys think in the comments below, should I do more of these or no? Who do you want to see in the next one?

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