Life: “Street Cinema” Full Part Recreated

Life: "Street Cinema" Full Part Recreated

Watch the full edit of pro skateboarder Paul Rodriguez recreating his first video part from the 2001 City Stars release “Street Cinema”. The new 2013 footage shot at The Berrics appears side by side with the original 2001 footage. P-Rod along with his original filmer Heath Brinkley shot all 48-tricks including the main shot in 24-hours.

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Life: “The Main Shot – Street Cinema” Recreated (Episode 6, Part 2)

Life: "The Main Shot - Street Cinema" Recreated (Episode 6, Part 2)

Professional Skateboarder Paul Rodriguez takes over The Berrics to recreate his first full part from the 2001 City Stars video release “Street Cinema”. P-Rod along with his original filmer Heath Brinkley give themselves 24-hours to shoot all 48-tricks including the main shot. The experience gives Paul an opportunity to put into perspective how long of a road it’s been, and just how far he has come. Series produced by Steve Berra.

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Life: “The Other Half” (Episode 5, Part 2)

Life: "The Other Half" (Episode 5, Part 2)

Pro skateboarder Paul Rodriguez focuses in at the finals of the San Francisco Dew Tour skate street event. Paul talks about finding the balance between filming a video part and competing. With prize money and expectations from sponsors on the line, Paul’s consistency and determination land him on the podium again, but not without a fight both mentally and physically.

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Life: “It Takes a Village” (Episode 4, Part 2)

Life: "It Takes a Village" (Episode 4, Part 2)

Pro skater Paul Rodriguez continues his tour of New Orleans' Lower 9th Ward seven years after Katrina hit, led by Mac McClendon, Executive Director for the Village, a community center and gathering place for returning residents. P-Rod, Theotis Beasley, and Lil' Wayne break in the brand new Trukstop Skatepark.

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Life: “It Takes a Village” (Episode 4, Part 1)

Life: "It Takes a Village" (Episode 4, Part 1)

Life gets real in New Orleans' Lower 9th Ward. Paul Rodriguez heads out for Lil' Wayne's Trukstop skatepark opening, along the way he gets a lesson on Hurricane Katrina from the locals who lived through it, and sees firsthand how the New Orleans skate scene has boomed during the recovery.

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Life: “League Matters” (Episode 3, Part 2)

Life: "League Matters" (Episode 3, Part 2)

Hang with Paul Rodriguez on finals day at Street League Kansas City. It takes a balance of technical skills and a strong mental game to win discipline and dedication to even get here. See how Paul handles the stress and deals with the challenges on the course and off.

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Life: “League Matters” (Episode 3, Part 1)

Life: "League Matters" (Episode 3, Part 1)

It’s qualifying day for Street League, the world’s best skateboarding competition. Follow pro skateboarder, Paul Rodriguez, and discover what happens before daybreak and qualifiers. From his breakfast with champions to a slight detour to a random Titanic exhibit and through the exhausting qualifying process.

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Life: “mAsta of disAsta” (Episode 2, Part 2)

Life: "mAsta of disAsta" (Episode 2, Part 2)

Paul Rodriguez is confident with his trick plan leading up to his battle with Tom Asta at BATB5. Now it’s time to execute the plan. Eric Koston lays down the rules and the battle kicks off. Feel the pressure as these pros throw down head to head in one of the most legendary battles ever to go down at the Berrics. In the end, there can be only one winner, but there are definitely no losers.

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