• Bangin!: Henry Gartland

    Bangin!: Henry Gartland

    Guys from the Berrics first met Henry Gartland in 2017, after he nabbed 3rd place at Zumiez Best Foot Forward. He promptly filmed a Bangin, now he's back for an…

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  • Bangin!: Filipe Mota

    Bangin!: Filipe Mota

    Brazil's Filipe Mota has been racking up contest credentials for the past 2 years, recently placing third in Zumiez Best Foot Forward. Considering that he isn't even a teenager yet,…

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  • Bangin!: Santana Saldana

    Bangin!: Santana Saldana

    Santana Saldana has one of the most rhythmic names in skateboarding, and his clips are poetry in motion.

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  • Bangin!: Spencer Semien

    Bangin!: Spencer Semien

    Los Angeles's Spencer Semien filmed his Bangin' in record time, getting creative as always. And that pop? Spencer for higher.

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  • Bangin! Rayssa Leal

    Bangin!: Rayssa Leal

    Rayssa Leal had 2015's viral skate moment when she heelflipped in a fairy costume. These days, the 11-year-old is flying higher than ever (wings optional).

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  • Bangin!: Shaun Hover

    Bangin!: Shaun Hover

    With a name like "Hover" you kinda already know what to expect. Or do you? Shaun Hover defies everybody's expectations in this latest Bangin.

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  • Bangin!: Chris Pierre

    Bangin!: Chris Pierre

    New York's Chris Pierre Jacquez is pro for Fortune Skateboards, but we consider ourselves the fortunate ones after seeing him skate in person. Seriously, this could've easily been a 5-minute…

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  • Bangin!: Konstantin Kabanov

    Bangin!: Konstantin Kabanov

    You can see why the Russian Olympic skateboarding team has swooped up Konstantin Kabanov…

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  • Bangin! Chris Crusty Weissmann

    Bangin!: Chris “Crusty” Weissmann

    Crusty turned pro for ATM Click back in December. His first Bangin is hard on the outside but soft and chewy on the inside, hence the nickname.

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  • Bangin! Egor Kaldikov

    Bangin!: Egor Kaldikov

    When Russia's Egor Kaldikov comes through town, we know that a Bangin will be filmed in record time. Watch and learn.

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